Loo Seat Hinges and Fittings

Easy Lift Handles

Easy Lift Handles

All our seats are available with the optional extra of our own special design easy lift handles in your choice of finish on both the lid and ring, for that extra flourish and for your care and hygiene.

Our hinges are of the highest quality, solid Brass, British manufacture; they are hot forged for maximum strength, then milled and polished by hand before being plated to your requirements.

They are available in standard finishes of Chrome, Bright Nickel and Inca Brass plate. To special order you can also have Satin Nickel and Gold or Silver plate, Architectural Bronze and Antique Copper or raw polished unlacquered Brass (for Thunderboxes Brass is standard, other finishes available at extra cost). Cranked forward and ‘Blind Hole’ fittings are available from stock in Chrome, Inca Brass and Bright Nickel. All other finishes are available to order.

Standard Top Hat Pillar Loo Seat Hinge

Standard Top Hat Pillars

Used on the Albany seat in most applications and on the Franklin seat very occasionally, they are supplied with wing nuts.

Cranked Forward Pillar Loo Seat Hinge

Cranked Forward Pillars

These bring the seat one inch forward to help the seat remain in the ‘up’ position, if obstructed by cistern or lever. They are standard on the Franklin and Long Island seats and occasionally needed on the Albany, they are supplied with wing nuts.

Blind Hole Pillar Loo Seat Hinge

Blind Hole Pillars

These are for some ‘back to wall’ pans, where there is no access from underneath to tighten wing nuts; these are supplied with self-tightening grommets.

Timber and Finishes

Our most popular timbers are Mahogany and Oak. We normally stain our mahogany to a deep rich dark tint that hints at the inherent redness of the timber but is not overtly red. Oak we leave in its natural pale state; however we can stain it to match your sample if you want it darker, for example to match your floor or beams. Mahogany seats look good in either our “country house gloss” finish or a flat matt, however we would recommend that oak and other hardwoods are always finished in the matt finish, unless you choose our “Omega” high gloss polyester finish which is simply stunning on all timbers and resembles the mirror finish that you find on luxury car dashboards and works particularly well with burr veneers (sadly this finish is not available on Thunderbox seats).

Special finishes

Special Finishes

Our “Omega” high lacquer finish gives your seat the ultimate luxury gloss. With up to ten coats of lacquer there is nothing more beautiful that brings out every detail in the beautiful figure of your seat. We also have available an extensive range of veneers, for example burr Walnut, bird’s eye Maple, burr Elm and Wenge. We can even do a carbon fibre seat or 24ct gold leaf!